Till Blue in the Face

"You show tremendous strength...and what mind boggles me is you're only seventeen"-6:08 PM

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Do you ever just really want to die, and you can’t think of one reason to live, and you feel like there’s no solution to your problems, but then you start thinking of all the things you won’t get to do and what you will miss if you do die? Exploring the world, creating a family, holding your first child’s hand, meeting new people, creating relationships with those people, developing into a better person, reading new books, taking pictures of that beautiful sunset on the beach; those simple things that seem so unimportant right now will be the things you would miss most about being alive. Use them to get you through the tough obstacles of life. Think about the times you have been happy. If you choose to kill yourself today, you will never get to experience that happiness again. Think about 10 years from now when you will have a family. If you die today, there will be no family. Nothing would be the same without you. Nothing.

Do not end the chances of life getting better; I promise it is worth the fight.

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